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SIZE(internal size):
Surface  treatments:1:Pickling phosphating
                  2:Electrostatic spraying
Steel storage cage is also called logistics cage,steel container,also known as steel turnover box,divided into fixed and folding,etc.Our professionally designed steel storage cage is used for storing goods and moving goods.It is characterized by folding and saving space.independent storage,stacking convenience,transportation is simple,durable,beautiful and generous.

  • Performance:
    Advantage:anti-folding,anti-aging,bearing strength,stretching,compression,tearing,high temperature,rich colore,made into crates can be used for turnover and can be used for finished packaging,lightweight,durable,and could be folded and stacked
    Steel storage cage could be customized according to user needs of various specifications,dimensions,aluminum alloy edging,can be stamped,dust-proof,elegant appearance.The general hollow board  is designed and manufactured according to the specifications and dimensions provided by the guest rooms,so that it can be reasonably loaded,and multiple boxes can be overlapped.This effectively uses plant space,increases the storage of parts and components, and saves production costs.

  • Application range:
    Widely used in machinery,automobiles,home appliances,light industry,electronics and other industries,can be acid and alkali resistant,durable oil, on-toxic and tasteless,can be used for food, excellent quality,suitable for transportation,distribution,storage in factory logistics,Circulation processing and other links.Steel storage cage can be used with a variety of logistics containers and workstations for various types of warehouses,production,on-site and other occasions.
     In today's logistics management is increasingly being emphasized by the majority of the correction industry,the turnover box to help achieve the universal use of logistics containers Integrated management is an essential product for modern logistics management of production and distribution companies.

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